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Church Re-Roofing Update

Submitted by Derek Barnes on 24 September, 2015 - 16:00

The re-roofing of the main church is going well. However our contractor's for the work (DA Cook's) report that they are running a few days behind schedule due to the poor weather in recent weeks. However, providing the weather is not too bad going forwards, they aim to catch this up.

Currently they are working on the north and south sides of the Nave roof. They have stripped off two thirds of the Nave roof and so far found all the main timbers in good condition - which is great. However the nails holding the roof tiles in place and the battens they fixed into were not in a good condition and at the end of their lives - so its just as well we are replacing them now. Additional raising rails have been attached to the rafters, insulation and felting have now been fixed to much of the stripped roof.

Next week they aim to start tiling the east end of the Nave and strip the remainder of the Nave roof. The following week work will commence in parallel on the Chancel roof and then the Counting House roof. 

On the right you'll see a couple of photographs of the roof taken today (when the tarpaulins were off). The top one shows the raising rails and insulation in place on part of the roof. The felt goes over this, followed by the batons and new tiles.
The lower picture shows some of the original (unstripped) roof in the foreground and the work going on in the background.