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Church Buildings Update

Submitted by Derek Barnes on 28 November, 2015 - 16:00


Recently our architect issued the notice of practical completion for the church re-roofing; on schedule and under budget which is excellent! Does it not look good (picture above taken yesterday). However there remained several small bits to do to complete the work.
This week has seen the new downpipes installed on the north side of the Church. The main remaining item is now some work on repairing the glazing above the corridor (where the scaffolding was installed). We are almost there!

However this week we have been challenged by the drains! We had a blockage in the summer that was cleared just before Holiday at Home and thought that the problem was resolved. This week we came back down to earth with a crash as we've had:

  • A blockage to our main drain as it left our premises; thankfully cleared by Severn Trent
  • A blockage to the ladies toilets that Andy Tabanor (one of our congregation) managed to clear to our great relief. Thank you Andy.

The underlying problems all appear to be poor constructions of the drains when the new build was done!